Cosmetic Rejuvenation Trends

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Trends are Shifting in the Age of Non-Surgical Skin Procedures


There has been a revolution in the field of aesthetics in the last decade, particularly in medical aesthetics and facial treatments. People have always wanted to look young, but today’s medical aesthetic procedures are more readily available as a result of increased public awareness and demand.  


Clients are increasingly looking for natural look  treatments and those who have had an aesthetic treatment often bring their friends and relatives for too, indicating that people are becoming more accepting of them and that this transformation may be here to stay. So yes, we are going through a new shift in medical aesthetics, which is all the better for preserving our looks and feeling beautiful inside and out.


Sure, there’s s a lot of fear and trepidation surrounding facial treatments due to misunderstandings, myths, and substandard or unnatural looking treatment outcome done in unsuitable premises by non-medically qualified practitioners, but when done correctly by a skilled professional, the results are natural, subtle, and preserve the facial grace and softness of facial expressions. And that’s the secret of a high quality medical aesthetic treatment – it is actually invisible yet you look refreshed, younger and happier as a result.


Globally The Idea of Beauty


Globally, the beauty ideals remain fairly universal. Regardless of race, age, or ethnicity, most individuals have a similar idea of what they find attractive. A great example of timeless beauty is in Cleopatra’s facial features. In general, a beautiful female face, for example, is thought to be one with good symmetry and where the shape resembeles a  triangle, known as the triangle of youth. The base of that triangle is high cheeck bones with a good ogee curve (S shaped curvature of the cheeks that gives volume and definition) and well defined jawline and chin. With age the triangle starts to invert. Medical aesthetics treatments aim to restore and maintain the 'triangle of youth'.


Evolving Cosmetic Revitalisation Beliefs and Practices


In the last several years, anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) and dermal fillers have surpassed any other aesthetic treatments as the most popular non-surgical aesthetic therapy around the world.


People are more Compelled to Appear Natural

This is arguably the most common concern people have while seeking facial treatments: they do not like to appear fake or others to know that they have had work done. To achieve such natural rejuvenated look you are much better off seeking the services of a medically qualified professionals for your facial aesthetic treatments. A medically qualified aesthetic practitioners will spend time discussing all aspects of your treatment to understand your goals and recommend the best treatment plan for you. They will ensure not only your immediate comfort but clinical safety and thorough aftercare too, should any complications arise. Of course, an artistic vision and an eye for detail are very important too and so you should see these qualities in your chosen practitioner, either in their own appearance or the treatment work they have done on others.


People are Now More Open-Minded  To Medical Aesthetics Treatments

As a result of increasing awareness and easy access to information, people seeking these treatments are better informed than ever before. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to openly speak about their looks and seek treatments as a result such as botox, dermal fillers etc. Today, it’s common for both men and women to talk about developing lines and wrinkles with age, and for a bride to come in before her wedding to say she simply wants to look her best, although all brides look beautiful on their wedding day. People want to spend time on themselves, they care about their appearance and health and they want a holistic wellness solution that includes feeling great and looking great.


There really isn’t anything bad in that, looking good is everyone’s right…if you’re considering treatments….why’s never too early to age elegantly!!!


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