Cheek /Jawline / Chin

Treatment Information 


Cheek Dermal Filler 

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections in the cheeks are a non-surgical procedure which can not only improve  their dimensions but also create a lift by pulling up on the tissues of the lower face and soften nasolabial lines, marionette lines and jowls.
Here is an explanation of how this happens: 

✔️The face contains several layers, part of which are facial fat pads  (closely packed, subcutaneous fat cells). There are deep and superficial fat pads in the face. Contrary to other parts of the body where we gain weight with aging, the deeper fat pads often begin to deflate and decrease with age. This reduces their support of the superficial fat pads, which can then begin to sag. The superficial fat pads also become more distinguished as separate ‘pockets’ of fat, rather than blending in with the overall shape of our face as they do when we are young.  As the fat pads diminish and sag, this causes the upper and middle parts of our face to lose structure and fullness, while the lower part gets a heavier appearance.

✔️The underlaying problem is loss of volume in the deep fat tissues. The solution is often strategically placed hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections to replenish this volume loss and provide a structure and support for the surrounding facial tissues, create contour and return the cheekbone prominence to a higher position. 


Jawline and Chin Dermal Filler

The aging process causes loss of fat pads and skin elasticity leading to sagging of the lower face including the jawline and chin.  High density dermal filler can help to add definition, lift the jawline and enhance the side profile of the chin and jaw.These treatment provide face contour harmonisation.

Dermal Filler Treatment Summary:
✔️ free consultation
✔️ anaesthesia available
✔️ no or minimal down time
✔️ aftercare/ follow up available
✔️ results visible immediately
✔️ results last up to 18 months 

Jawline Slimming with Botulinum Toxin (Azzalure®, Botox® or Bocouture ®)

Definition and causes:
This treatment involves masseter (chewing) muscle reduction and is suitable for clients with overly square jawline who wish to create a slim and more feminine look. The cause of square jawline is often enlargement of the masseter muscles, often due to unknown causes but it has been attributed to dental causes, or over use of these muscles as in habitual clenching of the jaw grinding.  Teeth grinding is also associated with enlarged masseters.

Botox Injections are an effective way to reduce the strength and bulk of the masseters and slim the appearance of the jaws.
Alternative treatment options may involve surgery and dental treatment.
No treatment is always an option, based on personal choice and treatment suitability.

Jawline Slimming Treatment Summary:

✔️ free consultation

✔️ topical anaesthesia available if required

✔️ no down time

✔️ aftercare follow up available

✔️ results visible within four weeks

✔️ results last 6 -12 months