Full cost quotation will be provided at the initial consultation and will be based on your individual treatment requirements. To get a sense of the cost, have a look at the price breakdown on this page.

Wrinkle Reduction Injections (Prescription Only Treatment) 
-with established Botulinum Toxin Type A brands (Azzalure®, Botox® and Bocouture ®. The particular brand used for your treatment will be discussed and agreed at consultation)

 1 area  £120 (Azzalure®,  Bocouture ®)           £150 (Botox®)
 2 areas  £160 (Azzalure®,  Bocouture ®)        £190 (Botox®)
 3 areas  £200 (Azzalure®,  Bocouture ®)       £240 (Botox®)
 4th and subsequent areas* treated at the same time - cost £50.00 per area for all brands.
*Areas include: forehead lines, frown (glabellar) lines, crow’s feet (around the eyes), brows (chemical brow lift), gummy smile, bunny lines, chin dimpling, mouth corners.

Other Botulinum Toxin treatments:
·         Jawline slimming – from £220
·         Neck Lift (Nefertiti neck lift) – from £220
·         Excessive sweating – from  £250 per area (areas include hands, feet and under arms)             

Dermal filler treatments using only well researched and established premium brands*:

0.5 /0.7 ml  - £180
1ml  -  £220 -  £250 (depending on type and indication. Most fillers are available at 1ml syringes)
Packages: £400 for 2ml      £580 for 3ml        £770 for 4ml

Lip filler – from £180
Cheek augmentation –  from £250
Jawline contouring - from £ 400 
Chin contouring –  from £250
Nasolabial / Marionette lines / Jowls – from £220
Temples filling – from £220
Perioral (smokers) lines – from £180
Hand Rejuvenation -  from £220
Touch up treatment – from £180

 Skin booster treatment - from £180

*Ranges of dermal fillers available:
Teosyal®  range - the most commonly used brand at Aesthetics by Silvie

Hyalase injections (to dissolve hyaluronic acid dermal filler) - from £100 per  area 

1 Session - £150 (includes complementary 20min Dermalux LED Phototherapy session)

Course of 3 sessions - £350

PRP ("Platelet Rich Plasma")
1 Session - £250  (includes complementary 20min Dermalux LED Phototherapy session)

Course of 3 sessions - £650
PRP & Microneedling session - £300
PRP & Microneedling course of 3 sessions - £800

ZO® Skincare
ZO Consultation – free
ZO product price quoted on consultation

ZO® Peels – in clinic treatment only
Customizable Stimulator peel - £100.00 per treatment; Package of 3: £250.00

3 Step Peel - £350.00

Consultations are free of charge. Please note that an individual consultation is necessary before booking  a prescription only treatment and is recommended if you are a new client.

On booking your treatment you will be asked to pay a fee of £50 using the booking link or the pay link below. This is a non-refundable booking fee, which would however be subtracted from the cost of your treatment.